About Us


Conserve Energy, Save Hawaii 


To accelerate Hawaii’s transition to sustainable energy through designing & building customized energy solutions.  


Prior to forming the company, Sunspear’s management team worked together closely for one of Hawaii’s largest solar integrators which had completed over 75MW of solar installations from 2004-2016.  We strongly believe in the importance of Hawaii businesses being owned and managed locally.  Sunspear was formed in 2017 and has been executing on Hawaii’s most challenging solar projects ever since.   

In 2017, we installed over 100 Tesla Powerwall’s to support Hawaii’s initiative to air-condition school classrooms with clean solar energy.    

In 2018, we installed over 12,500 panels at the Honolulu International Airport as part of one of the largest Energy Service Performance Contracts in the nation. 

In 2019, we installed solar carports at the University of Hawaii Community College campuses, helping UH reach its goal of building some of the first Net-Zero, 100% Renewable powered campuses in the US.  

In 2020, Sunspear Energy is excited to be offering home energy solutions for the everyday Hawaii homeowner and commercial power user. 

Where To Find Us

Our headquarters are based in Honolulu. We are proud to install renewable energy throughout all the islands of Hawaii.




(808) 439-6446

525 Kokea Street, Suite C6,
Honolulu, HI 96817

Sunspear Energy LLC