What Solar Means for the Hawaii Homeowner


Hawaii was the first State in the US to adopt a 100% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) with House Bill 623 in 2015.  Hawaii depends on imported oil and fossil fuels for its energy needs more than any other state.  For this reason, our electricity prices average 3X those seen in the mainland, and electricity rates can be volatile, increasing rapidly based on what is happening in the world oil markets. 

The sun shines bright in Hawaii; due to our proximity to the equator, Hawaii receives consistent solar insolation during all 12 months of the year. 

Combining our great access to the sun with generous Federal and State Tax Incentives, going solar in Hawaii is a sound investment in your home and your family’s future.

Financial Security

Installing a home solar plus storage energy system allows homeowners to save on their monthly bills and take control of their electricity costs.  It also hedges their risk against rising energy costs in the future.

Peace of Mind

A home energy system designed with backup power functionality gives homeowners the peace of mind they will have backup power for their essential home circuits in the event the utility grid goes down.

Better World

Climate change is a global problem and choosing to install a solar plus storage system gives homeowners the opportunity to ‘think globally and act locally’ and do their part to protect the environment for future generations.

Increase in Home Value

According to a study completed by real estate website Zillow in Q4 2019, having solar installed in a median-valued Hawaii home can increase its value by 4% or $24,526.