Financing Options

Clean Energy Loan*
• 0% interest for the first 24 months.
• No monthly payments for first 6 months
• Principal-only payments for months 7-24 (0.50% of principal)
• After 24 months, principal and interest payment period for 96 months at a fixed rate
• No prepayment penalty
• No closing costs
• Loan amounts from $1,500 to $70,000

Clean energy loan may be used for the purchase of: 
• Photovoltaic (PV) system 
• Solar water heater system 
• Solar PV water heating system 
• Solar air-conditioning (A/C) system 
• Battery back-up/storage system 
• Installation of EV charging station

• Minimum credit score – 681 
• No prepayment penalty 
• No closing costs  
• No payments first 6 months
• Interest is calculated from agreement start date. 
• Rates as low as 4.74% APR *

* Terms apply

*Sunspear Energy are not licensed tax professionals, please consult with your CPA or licensed tax professional.  The information provided within is to serve as a guide and is from publicly available sources.