Your Neighbors Are Saving With Solar. Why Aren’t You?

Going Solar Is Easy & Affordable

Your electricity bills are too high…and electricity is getting more expensive. But you’re at the mercy of your utility company and rates aren’t going down. What’s worse is that energy made by utilities comes at a high cost – our planet and our health.

Solar Installation

Professional site visit, shading analysis, and system design by a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Professional Installer.
The system design includes the location of the solar array, inverter, AC & DC disconnects, meter and electric panel boxes.
Applications for permits, utility, HOA, and other agencies are completed and filed to collect potential incentives and necessary permits.
The system is then installed and quality checks are completed.
The city will then inspect the installation.
Upon their approval, the utility company also completes their review of the system and installation.
Final testing is completed to ensure your system is operating properly and it is officially turned on.

How Solar Works

Although they may look complicated, solar panels have no moving parts and require very little maintenance, other than occasional cleaning. An inverter takes the DC power directly from the solar panels and converts it to the same AC power that your home uses. There is no need to change your appliances. Solar + battery storage is a great combination and in Hawaii, homeowners and businesses who want solar must have a battery backup since net metering is no longer offered.

How Solar Works

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that your home can use, reducing your electricity bills. Solar is more affordable than utilities and a range of financing options can help you generate savings right away.
During the day you’ll power your home with solar power. If you produce more electricity than needed, it is saved in your battery. Any additional power can be exported to the grid for credit with the CGS+ program.
Your monitoring system sends information about how much power your solar system is producing in real-time so you can maintain optimal system performance.

30% Federal Tax Credit

The solar investment tax credit (ITC) is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the income taxes that a person or company claiming the credit would otherwise pay the federal government. The federal ITC is based on 30% of the homeowner’s cost to install solar. On leased systems, SunPower® collects this incentive and passes the savings on to the homeowner. Don’t wait, prices for solar equipment are on the rise!

35% Hawaii State Tax Credit

The Hawaii Energy Tax Credit allows owners of single-family homes to claim a state income tax credit up to 35% of the actual cost of the system or $5,000, whichever is less.

Each ‘System’ is defined as 5 kilowatts (kW); therefore, a 10kW would be eligible for up to $10,000 in Hawaii State Tax Credits. The system must be fully installed and “operational” by 12/31/2022 to claim for the 2022 tax year.

Alternately, homeowners also have the option to claim a “refundable credit” if they do not have sufficient Hawaii State Tax Liability to take advantage of the full 35% credit. The refundable credit is reduced by 30%, making the effective rate 24.5%. Therefore, the $5,000 per 5kW cap becomes $3,500 per 5kW for homeowners who claim the refundable credit. Hawaii State cuts a check directly to the system owner for the credit amount.


Hawaiian Electric will pay a cash incentive for customers on Oahu to add energy storage (a battery) to an existing or new rooftop solar system. This one-time incentive is positioned to add more renewable resources to the grid in the short-term when the AES coal-fired plant is retired in September 2022. Learn more.

Learn More About Incentives

*Sunspear Energy are not licensed tax professionals; please consult with your CPA or licensed tax professional. The information provided within is to serve as an illustrative guide and is from publicly available sources.

$0 Down Solar Financing

Zero Down Solar Financing Zero Down Solar Financing Funding for solar depends on your lifestyle, taxable income, personal preference, and your desired savings. Sunspear will work to find the solution that best fits for you. Whether it be a cash purchase, a financed purchase, or a lease, we have the right type of funding that will best suit your needs.

SunPower® Complete Confidence

Every part of your SunPower® Equinox system is meticulously designed to work perfectly together and is rigorously tested for long-term reliability. That’s why the SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty is the only solar warranty to cover your whole system (not just the panels).

Complete System

The SunPower® warranty ensures both the product quality and the highest power production in the industry. If you experience issues with your system within 25 years of purchase, SunPower will happily replace, repair, or reimburse you — hassle free.

Complete Service – Covers 100% of repair or replacement costs

It’s the best warranty you may never have to use. But if you do, we make it simple and quick. Labor, shipping, parts – we take care of everything.

SunPower Complete System

  • 25-years – Panels, Microinverters, Racking and Power production
  • 10-years – Monitoring hardware

Checklist To Choose A Solar Installer

Here is a helpful checklist with guidelines for selecting the best solar company for your solar installation. These tips and questions will help you identify which solar companies have the experience, quality products, trained personnel, and the financial strength you want. The quality of the solar installer and equipment you select will directly affect your long-term savings and the system’s reliability. Pick the right combination and you’ll be setup for decades of success.

Make sure you’re getting the best equipment and service from a trusted company that is authorized by leading solar manufactures.
If a salesperson pressures you by telling you the price will increase tomorrow, they’re not the right partner. A trusted company will help guide you along every step from selecting the best financing for you. It is very common for solar companies to push a single financing product that makes them the most money even if it’s not in the customer’s best interest. Be very cautious about any company that only recommends a solar lease or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as these are the most costly options available. At Sunspear Energy, we are not incentivized by any of our financing options.
Cut out the middleman and deal directly with the solar contractor. Never e-sign a contract before you ask them if they handle service requests and repairs. If the right equipment is installed in the right way, your solar system should operate without incident for many years. But what if something does go wrong? If it ever does, you’ll want a company that has a dedicated and experienced service department that can quickly diagnose and resolve issues in the field. Sunspear Energy has a dedicated service department and we make every effort to correct any issue in the shortest time possible.
Ask for a copy of the contractor’s and subcontractor’s license, insurance, and worker’s comp policies to ensure that you will not be liable for damages or injuries during installation.
Don’t sign a contract until you review which payment method is best for your situation.

Show Off Your Sustainable Side

The sun is the most abundant source of energy available. In fact, the sun produces more energy in an hour than humanity uses in an entire year! Reducing our carbon footprint is critical to ensuring our planet can provide a safe environment for generations to come. More new solar energy generating systems have been added to the grid than the worst carbon emitting power plants every year for several years, and this trend is expected to grow!

Did You Know?

Solar employs more people in U.S. electricity generation than oil, coal, and gas combined.
According to Zillow, homes with solar sell for 4% more than those without.


Whether you’re just getting started with Solar and looking for more information or want to set up a hassle-free consultation, we’re here to help!