Your Neighbors Are Saving With Solar. Why Aren’t You?

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Smart Energy, Smart Home.

Being Energy Smart means creating your own clean energy, storing it to use when you need it most, and managing it so that your family uses that energy as efficiently as possible.

Solar Electric Systems Save Thousands

When working with Sunspear Energy we design and integrate a solar electric system for you using photovoltaics (converting light to electricity) or PV. With attention to the sun’s availability and position, we provide electricity at your site. Our team performs an in-depth consultation to best provide for your energy needs. During this consultation, we perform a site assessment, shading analysis, and examination of current power usage. Once complete, we design a PV system to fit your energy needs.

Our experts will consider each installation for performance and longevity. This is done by leveraging cells, panels, trackers, inverters, and workmanship.

Ultimately, we have the best products for you, whether your needs are residential or commercial. And as much as we want a green world, we want to keep green in your pockets.

Achieve Energy Independence With Solar Storage

Tesla Powerall Integrating solar with battery storage is changing the way homeowners consume energy, and creates additional opportunities for solar installers to grow their business. By storing excess solar production on a battery, homeowners can take control of their energy consumption, maximizing their solar usage for greater electricity savings and energy independence.

These are some of the household items you can power during a power outage: 

  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Lightbulb
  • Ceiling fan
  • Laptop
  • WIFI router
  • TV
  • Fish tank
  • Garage door opener
  • Electric water dispenser
  • Cellphone charger

By installing more than one battery, you could also power a larger appliance, such as:

  • A/C -Central or window unit
  • Oven/stove
  • Water heater
  • Electric dryer
  • Pool pump

Energy Usage Monitoring


See how much energy your solar system produces, how much energy you use, and how much you buy from the utility company. Our system gives you real time data on how energy is used in your home by identifying when major energy using appliances are on and when usage is exceeding your targets. This allows you to make smart decisions about when to replace light bulbs, appliances, and other devices.

Tesla Powerwall

EV Charging Stations Are Smart

ChargePointSunspear Energy offers a sustainable solution to electric transportation as an Authorized ChargePoint Installer. ChargePoint Logo

Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) offer improved fuel economy and lower emissions. In addition, they have strong acceleration with quiet operation. Although, PEVs do require the infrastructure to support them.  Sunspear will provide an electric vehicle charger targeted to your needs whether you are company with a fleet of vehicles or are just plugging-in at home. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations supply power where needed. Whether it be street-side, garage or parking lot, or residential, we can find a solution for you. As well, we can provide the car’s onboard charger with the electricity it needs to refill the battery.

Keep In Mind – With the increasing volume of PEVs on the road in the near future, there is an incentive to installing charging stations. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having their vehicle charging while shopping. And the cost of electricity can be offset with a Solar PV Array.

Solar Car Ports

Sunspear Energy is Hawaii’s leader in solar car ports. From large scale commercial projects to residential solar canopies, our team can get it permitted and built faster and more economically than the competition.

Solar Car Port


Whether you’re just getting started with Solar and looking for more information or want to set up a hassle-free consultation, we’re here to help!