Project Description


Honolulu Community College (HCC), located in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a public community college and part of the University of Hawaii system. The administration wanted to transition to renewable energy to reduce operational costs and contribute to the state’s climate action goal to become 100% renewably powered by 2045.


To reduce the campus’ carbon footprint the UH system installed a 424 kW rooftop PV system owned and operated by Pacific Current.

General Contractor (GC) services were managed by Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) in conjunction with SunPower Corporation which provided the major system components including PV modules.

Sunspear Energy with its joint venture construction partner PLS Power was selected as a subcontractor, construction managed and performed solar mechanical and electrical installation of SunPower PV modules on two of the campus’ main buildings.


Together with energy efficiency measures, going solar after the project’s final phase will offset 97 percent of the campus’ electricity use in addition to removing 461 metric tons of carbon dioxide from Hawaii’s environment every year.

Quick Facts