Tell Governor Ige to VETO SB 2510 CD1 & Protect Your Rights!

Honolulu, HI, June 6, 2022 – Sunspear Energy, a Hawaii based solar developer and contractor, and Hawaii Solar Energy Association along with solar dealers and contractors throughout Hawaii ask Governor Ige to VETO SB2510. At a rally and press conference on June 8, 2022, at 1:30 representatives from the solar industry will discuss the deleterious effects of the bill that is on the governor’s desk.

Hawaii’s Legislature voted to limit the ability of homeowners use solar energy to power their own homes. This was done by proposing a cap on the amount of solar electricity Hawaii’s utilities can use. Hawaii lawmakers passed a bill, SB 2510 CD1, that imposes arbitrary limits on the amount of solar in Hawaii. The bill was originally introduced to study Hawaii’s energy mix. However, it was corrupted with language to impose the limits.

A solar cap is the wrong direction for Hawaii. Numerous studies show that Hawaii, previously seen as a leader in the race to combat climate change, needs to make use of all available rooftops to meet its renewable energy goals. “This bill hurts Hawaii’s families. It prevents them from installing solar and batteries to help control their electricity costs.,” stated Jeff Kaemmerlen, Principal of Sunspear Energy. “Restricting the benefits of solar in a state that still relies mostly on fossil fuels for its energy needs makes no sense.”

Take Action

The solar industry and its approximately 4,300 employees will be adversely affected by this law. More importantly as we are seeing the effects of climate change, the state will not be able to meet its renewable energy goals without rooftop solar. Governor Ige needs to hear from all Hawaii solar supporters. Households with solar or those who want it, know the benefits. Those who don’t yet have solar will be harmed by eliminating the freedom to choose where their electricity comes from. Sunspear Energy, HSEA and others in the solar industry are urging residents to ask the governor to veto this anti-solar bill.

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