Our very own Jeffrey Kaemmerlen (CEO Of Sunspear Energy) was recently interviewed and in Building Industry Hawaii Magazine! Did you see it? If not, you’re in luck! Download the article. He was asked about his featured solar installations that Sunspear Energy has done and this is what he had to say:

Hale Kewalo, a new Honolulu apartment building, which “was a challenging project from a design and engineering standpoint due to the space constraints. We installed a 56kW custom canopy structure on top of the parking deck and 45 kW of rooftop solar with premium SunPower X-Series PV panels. The system offsets approximately 15 to 20 percent of the building’s overall energy usage.”

Big Island Grown, which “was exciting because it maximizes the available roof space on the brand-new facility for a business operation that is very energy-intensive. It was also the very first shipment of REC Group’s Alpha Series 72-cell solar panels, which are very high-efficiency at 440 watts.”